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Share your love for nature and earn 50% profit!

Tulips Against Tumors "Online" Fundraising Program



Tulips Against Tumors "Online" Fundraising Program

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What is the Tulips Against Tumors Online Fundraising program & how does it work? In addition to making your own tulip purchase where 50% of the proceeds go back to the National Brain Tumor Society, you can also create a Tulips Against Tumors fundraising page and share your personalized link with family & friends for them to make their own tulip purchase. If someone makes a purchase with your personalized fundraising link, you’ll see their sale (50% of their sale also goes back to NBTS) show up on your fundraising page. Through your fundraising page, you’ll see the direct impact your Tumors Against Tumors outreach has on the National Brain Tumor Society! Once your fundraising page closes on October 21st, a check will be cut to the National Brain Tumor Society within 7-14 days. Ready to get started? Fill out the online link request form.

When can I fundraise with Tulips Against Tumors? You can purchase tulips and fundraise for the National Brain Tumor Society with your own Tulips Against Tumors fundraising page starting September 8th. Fundraising pages will remain open until October 21st

How do we get credit for orders placed online? You will receive a personal link to send to family & friends via email. Send out your link via email or social media. Your family & friends simply click on this link and are brought to our online store. Their purchase is recorded automatically and you receive credit for the order. 

How much profit goes back to the National Brain Tumor Society? Your group receives 50% profit from all online sales placed using your link; minus tax and shipping.  

What happens if an order doesn’t track for some reason? We use Affiliatly.com; a trusted third party’s tracking system. Technology is great but certainly not perfect and sometimes with changes to Smartphone’s, Ipads or whatever, a technical glitch occurs and an order doesn’t track properly. We have had great success locating whom an order belongs to by sending out an email to customers asking them which fundraiser they wanted to support. We hope the technical gurus of the world will iron this issue out one of these days but it is hard to keep up with all the changes going on. 

Who delivers the bulbs to the customers? We deliver all online orders directly to customers. Please note they are required to pay shipping costs. View our shipping chart here: Shipping Costs

When do you ship the bulbs? We ship all our bulbs starting in late September and end in late October. Please note, tulips need to be planted beginning mid/late September and ending late October. Orders to colder zones are shipped out first.  Our planting chart can be viewed online here: Planting Chart

 Are there planting instructions? Yes, they are printed on the bag and more detailed instructions can be found here: Planting Instructions

Can products sell out? Yes, there is only a finite amount of bulbs available and once they are sold out they are no longer available. Because of this we recommend starting early to guarantee that there is an array of varieties available for your fundraiser. This is also another reason to keep your fundraiser short and sweet to encourage orders and a sense of urgency. 

How do we get startedFill in our Sign Up form, then receive a welcome email with your unique link and you are ready to go! 

How can we make this fundraiser a big success? We encourage you to send several emails and social media reminders to your friends and family to make a purchase with your fundraising link. Your unique link makes it easy for people to buy. Share your fundraising goal with your team, friends, family and anybody in your network and let them know why it’s important to you to reach your goal. Use social networks when available like Facebook/Twitter etc.

Where can I go to learn more about Tulips Against Tumors or the National Brain Tumor Society? Visit our Tulips Against Tumors page or visit our national website.

What is the best way to get in contact with us?  Our Fundraising Specialists, including co-owner Keriann Koeman, are available Tuesday- Thursday from 10am -4pm (EST). The best way to reach us is via email at keriann@ecotulips.com.  You can leave a message at 434-242-6369 and your call will be returned within 1-2 business days. 








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